Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas (and baby) Countdown!

Usually I am annoyed to see Christmas trees up early in department stores, but this year was different. The sign of the first Christmas display (in Kohls right around Halloween) made me think, "Yay, this baby is almost here!" For those of you that don't know, we are scheduled for the c-section December 29th, the day after dad's birthday (he even said, pretty cool present--guess that means I don't have to get him anything this year--just kidding Charles!) We even have a countdown posted on our blog (look right!)

We have been busy getting our house in order and getting prepared. Although this time will be different because I will have a full week off of work before I actually have the baby. I am looking forward to that! I think Charles is actually in nesting mode as well as he is tackling projects all over the house (redoing the bathroom, regrouting kitchen tiles, hanging new shades). Most of the Christmas shopping is done (I am NEVER done this early but it feels great!) and I am ready to put up the decorations over Thanksgiving weekend. We are definitely in the holiday mood around here. We went to see the holiday parade downtown last weekend. Nolan was a little sad when it was all over and tonight we took a walk outside the zoo to see the Christmas decorations--Nolan's new favorite thing to look for while driving in the car. While getting our coats on and heading out the door, I explained to Nolan that we won't actually be able to go in to see the animals--as they were all sleeping already. Nolan's response, "Will we have to tip toe?" Where does he come up with these things??? I also enjoyed celebrating my 33rd birthday this weekend. Charles and I went out to a nice dinner at Olde Madrid downtown and then out to see a movie and then out for dessert. The movie freaked me out though--as he was snoring away later that night I was up thinking about alien abduction as we went to see "The Fourth Kind" (our other two choices were sold out!) ENjoy the pics below and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween weekend was quite hectic! I honestly felt like I moved into a new house. We recently bought Nolan a new big boy bed (which he loves!!!) and with the deal at the furniture store--we also bought a new couch, chair and tv (no we didn't win the lottery but the deal was too good to pass up!)

So Charles and I spent the better part of the weekend cleaning house and rearranging furniture--the living room, our "new" playroom down the basement, Nolan's bedroom (making room for the baby and his bed!). It was A LOT of work but our house is clean and ready for a newborn. We love the new furniture and Nolan is very excited to take a nap or go to bed (or else he is coming down with something!). He just thinks it's neat that he can sleep in his own little bed.

We also went trick or treating this weekend near my parents' house. We walked the neighborhood with Aunt Clare, Uncle Josh, Caroline and Quinn. Tons of fun--Nolan was more excited to ring the bell and see the decorations (his new favorite word) then actually get chocolate (although mom wouldn't mind the latter!). Caroline did her best to help pick him up to try and ring the bell--since he couldn't reach. But nine times out of ten, the person would come to the door before he actually rang it! Good try, Caroline! Well, that's about all from this end--enjoy the slide show below!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did I mention my husband rocks?

Yes, my husband is a rock star, but did I mention that he rocks? We celebrated our five year anniversary this weekend. Yes, we were married in August and our anniversary celebration is a little late due to the fact that Charles was in LA during our anniversary (but he did send me flowers while in LA). So he had "something" planned--I had no idea what and just had to go with the flow.....

For those of you that know Charles he is NOT a very good secret keeper, but he did REALLY well this weekend. After dropping Nolan off at my parents for the night, we headed to Milwaukee. Being pregnant, I am hungry all the time and thought outloud--"I should have grabbed a snack for the ride." Well, he thought of everything--first of all, he had provisions for me to eat when I got hungry--which he knew would happen. Then, we ended up at a fantastic restaurant in Milwaukee--"Swig" which had many "small plate" dishes which he thought would be a great choice for me because I fill up fast. We stopped at a bar for another drink (non alcoholic for preggers here) and then we were off to the big event.....a Kelly Clarkson concert. And once again, he thought of everything. He got great seats and made sure to get an aisle seat for me-- the one plus being that no one was sitting in front of me so if I needed to sit I could (and still see the stage). It was a great night, a great concert and a wonderful anniversary! Thanks Charles for an awesome anniversary---you totally surprised me! I love you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Whirlwind of Events

We have been very busy in the last month. With going up north to see Charles' parents to celebrating Anne and Jason's big day (which was amazing, awesome, spectacular and everything in between). It was truly a wonderful day and Charles and I were thrilled to be a part of it. I even danced quite a bit and the reception went until 2:00--we made it until the end! A very tired Ali, but so worth the great time we had!

Nolan has been growing and always a ton of fun. We went to Party on the Pavement recently (they shut down Main and Sixth Streets and although it was cold this year, we had a good time). We also celebrated dad's birthday that night after Party on the Pavement. Good times with the fam! I have been busy with school. This year seems busier than last, but my curriculum for sixth grade has changed which is why. I am loving it and will miss my students a little when I am gone on maternity leave. They have started a baby name list for me--it is now four pages long and they are voting on the best names (some of them are really out there--like Nacho??--remember they are middle schoolers). One of my students asked me recently if that was how I was really going to pick the baby's name. Remember, they are middle schoolers.

I am just ending my long fall weekend--I had off Friday and this Monday--it was great! We went out on Saturday night with my sister, and my cousins. We headed to a haunted house after dinner and I didn't realize how nervous Josh actually got at these things. It was fairly decent for a haunted house. I am looking forward to the 23rd---as Charles has a surprise planned for me for our anniversary which we didn't celebrate as he was in LA with the band. Looking forward to that and the living room furniture we ordered last week! I am sure I will post pics after it all comes in! Enjoy the pics and the video of Nolan below! Can't believe the weather is changing so quickly---guess that means winter is almost here and so is this baby! Hope the time flies! Just so you know--I will be having this one on December 29th or 30th but I am sure I will post before then!

As a side note, I apologize for not having more pics of Anne and Jason's big day--we were having way too much fun to take pictures! Below is a video of Nolan. He is a big fan of Uncle Jason---therefore the guitar I dug out from when he was a baby is now his favorite new toy. We also have been practicing raising our eyebrows---funny!

Monday, September 7, 2009

and I give this summer a thumbs up.....

We spent our last weekend of real summer visiting Charles' parents up north in Adams-Friendship. Nolan had the time of his life, especially because he got to ride on grandpa's big digger!!! It was probably the highlight of the trip if not the entire summer!

Besides my allergies kicking in at the end of the trip (yuck), we had a great time enjoying the outdoors and heading to the local flea market. Nolan had to check out EVERY small and big car at EVERY booth---and I am not kidding when I say every car. He didn't want to buy much, but did have to make sure they all worked well. We did end up getting a few for him (and a really cool police car that lights up and makes noise--the heat must have made me delirious--seriously what was I thinking). He deserved it since we
forgot just about all of his cars at home--once again--what were we thinking! We actually packed them but somehow they never made it into the car.

Enjoy the pictures. I will try to post again in a few weeks. I head to camp this
week with my fifth and sixth graders. Then it is off to Madison in which Charles and I will help h
ost a bachelor and bachelorette party for Jason and Anne. Then, the following weekend it's back to Madison to participate in their big day. A lot of running around but tons of fun!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hectic Week--but still smiling!

It has been a very hectic week.  I've had something before and after school every day and I find this Friday I am EXHAUSTED.  But I had to share this funny tidbit with you. 

On Tuesday, Nolan went with me to get blood drawn at the doctor's office (no worries I have to do this every six weeks right now for my thyroid).  As we were leaving and driving out of the All Saints parking lot he saw the building we had been in for the ultrasound and also the building which holds the hospital where the baby will be born.  

He remembered this and said, "Mama, let's go there and get the baby brother."  I had to laugh and tell him the baby brother wasn't ready yet.  It was still in my tummy, but he could pick him up after Christmas.  

I also laughed out loud after we got home from the ultrasound a few weeks ago (in which he came with Charles and I) and he told me, "Mama, I'm proud of you."  The kid comes up with the craziest things...I tell ya.  

This weekend it is off to a little adventure up north to visit Charles' parents and then to camp with my students for the week.  Let's hope I survive the wilderness!  Have a great Labor Day weekend! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

and we are having.....

a boy!  We really weren't sure if we were going to find out or not.  I even posted a note on my facebook page and had close to 50 responses from friends telling me to find out or to wait.  I thought about it all day and knew Charles really wanted to find out.  I kept wondering if I would be disappointed in the delivery room--especially if it turned out to be a boy and I was certain it was a girl.  Overall, I am totally excited.  I was also totally shocked when we found out it was a boy and Charles kept saying--are you sure?  We actually had a chat in the parking lot that maybe we really will have to go for number three (not for awhile--don't worry mom--I really have to forget morning sickness first).  

Anyways, one huge positive is that I have tons of clothes to fit this baby--since Nolan was born in February and this one is due in January.  

We also had Nolan in the ultrasound room with us.  We asked him before we went in what I was having and he said a baby brother.  Guess he knew something we didn't!  I am totally excited that he will have a little brother to play with and for all of those that wanted me to wait....sorry, I'm a planner and not the most patient person on the planet (just ask Charles or my mother!)

Now...if we just had a boy name picked out....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where does the time go???

And here I thought I would be blogging all summer! It's August 2nd and I have nothing to show for the busy summer we've had. So I am catching you up with a very long post on what has been going on in the lives of the Gassers.

Fourth of July (yes, I can't believe I have to go back THAT far) was great! Nolan did not move from the curb for the 3 1/2 hour parade (except when the hot air balloon guy set off the fire--then he literally jumped over my head-terrified of the flame and heat!). We spent the afternoon cooking out at my sister's and then Charles and I enjoyed the neighborhood fireworks after Nolan went to bed. Nolan still isn't a big fan of fireworks either--and he eventually fell asleep with us until the fireworks died down at 1:00 a.m.

In general this summer has been busy, making trips to the Racine Zoo, North Beach, many park trips and gymnastics on Wednesday mornings as well. We see lots of cousins Caroline and Quinn which makes it easy on Clare and I--since Nolan follows Caroline and Quinn follows Nolan. It's like a giant follow the leader game constantly.

We also planned a last minute trip down to Alabama to see my sister, Sarah, brother-in-law, Cory, and nephews, Jack and Duke. Nolan had a great time visiting his cousins. He was excited to go on "cation". We sat on their beach and played in their four acre lake, we visited the Birmingham Zoo, we went to the Science Education Center and overall it was well worth the 14 hour drive (really only 11 but with a pregnant woman and a toddler we had to stop a few times!). Below is a slide show of our awesome trip. Nolan always says the funniest things--sometimes I wonder where he comes up with this stuff. We slept in the office at Sarah and Cory's house. If you know my brother-in-law at all, then you would understand that their would be many different animal heads hanging on the wall. The office is decorated with about eight of these creatures. After about the third night sleeping in the office, I was reading Nolan bedtime stories and he was looking around at the animals. He looked at me and said, "Are they sitting, mama?" What do you tell a two year old? My response, "Yup, they are sitting listening and then they are going to sleep too." I just wonder what he really thought of those animals. Sarah's kids were tons of fun to play with--Jack and Nolan had some great toddler conversations that were fun to overhear and Duke cracked us all up with his dance moves and his constant -collecting of food off everyone else's plates when they were done eating--man that kid can eat! They both are also awesome swimmers for their age and showed Nolan a thing or two--he finally got a little brave near the end and tried "swimming" himself.

Right now, as we get back in the swing of things, with very little summer to go, Charles has headed to L.A. for two weeks to work on a band deal. We don't have many details yet, but it could turn into a good deal if their trip goes well--so I will keep you posted. Luckily we do get a chance to talk at least once a day--and we will see how Nolan reacts with daddy being gone this long. I told Nolan that he was on a trip to California with "Uncle" Jason. Later when I asked him where daddy was he said, "Calibama". Thought that was pretty funny.

I head back to school VERY soon (I will probably be back in the building almost full time by August 17th!). I have a lot to do to prepare for the school year--I've been slacking this summer!! I also am feeling better, but still have a few down days here and there--like when I threw up in the car on the way home from Alabama--that was fun for Charles I am sure(: Glad he still loves me! We still don't know what we are having--60% chance finding out and 40% chance of making it a surprise--feel free to share your thoughts (I have even posted a poll so you can vote!).

This past Friday my sister, my cousin Holly and I also went to the Racine County Fair--with kids in tow of course (we would not find this entertaining without children!). I will post pictures soon---thanks to Holly and Clare for taking most of them!

I am trying to remember any other funny sayings from Nolan recently. The funniest one would probably have to be after we got home from "cation" and my parents stopped over to visit. Hearing them knock on the door, he ran over yelling "Ya Ya (who is his grandpa), gave my mom a big hug and then said, "Come on in, guys!" Where does he get this stuff???? I promise to post more frequently--I say that now, but with the school year coming up as well as Anne and Jason's wedding---we will be very busy! Don't hold it against me if I am MIA again! I'll try really hard this time!

Friday, June 26, 2009


I find myself finally with some time to add to the blog and make our big announcement....we are expecting!  
First of all, I have been MIA from the blog because of two reasons 1) the end of the school year is way too busy and 2)  morning sickness officially took over sometime at the beginning of May and basically left me in a heap of blahness, not wanting to do much of anything but eat and sleep and occasionally complain (just ask Charles). 

But I am feeling better and also feel that I have neglected to add to my blog, so I will fill you in on what's been going on with the family.

We have been quite busy as well.  Back in May (before morning sickness fully took over) we met our friends, the Suchardas, at the Milwaukee Zoo.  Liam and Nolan are three months apart and pretty similar in their interests.  They had a great time together and we need to get together more often.  Andrea (mom Sucharda) and I are on the same family plan apparently because she is also pregnant and due three months before me again!!!  

Charles has been busy getting ready for his show at Summerfest next Wednesday, July 1st, on the Harley Davidson stage (5:30 if you're interested!).  The band has been working hard and has released their new album, Inevitable, and new website just recently.  It has been taking up a good portion of his time, but he still makes time for Nolan and I!  I can't wait for the Summerfest gig!  They also recently opened for Life House and Augustana, which were two great gigs to have and the band had a great time playing (unfortunately I wasn't there---but I was invited by the hubby. If time travel existed I would have been there in a heartbeat as one gig was in St. Louis and the other in LaCrosse!).

Here are Charles and Jason getting some work done with help from Nolan:  

And finally summer is upon us.  I have finally started to feel better and am hopefully starting to kick morning sickness out the door (although this could just be the upswing of my week!).  We have been spending lots of time with Quinn and Caroline: going to the park, going to gymnastics class and just playing at each other's houses.  I am tutoring twice a week and still seem to be doing "school work"--(does it ever end??), but am keeping up with 
Nolan best I can.  

Okay--so you want some pregnancy details I suppose.  Some of you I have talked to and some of you are finding out on here (hope you aren't mad!), but I am officially at the three month mark and due on January 6th.  I haven't decided if I will find out the sex of this one (we did with Nolan), but am contemplating keeping it a surprise.  My friend Heidi said, "You'll already know the baby's birthday --I think you make it a surprise!" which really got me thinking.  We won't be setting up a nursery for this one as we don't have a separate bedroom in this house for a newborn.  So I may just wait.....still deciding!  I'll keep you updated on that one! (I will know the baby's birthday as I will have a C-section with this one too.)

Below is a video of the kids swimming in our backyard.  They had a great time playing together. Nolan and Quinn really get along well.  Nolan loves to follow Caroline (he is very concerned about what she is doing all the time) and Quinn loves to follow Nolan so it works out quite well.  


I have to end with a few Nolan stories:  
I told Nolan we were going to gymnastics.  This was a pretty new concept as we had only been to the Racine Gymnastic Center a few times before.  I must have said it too quickly because in the car he kept asking, "Mama, where's Max?"  I'm thinking--who's Max???  What is he talking about.  When we finally pulled up to the Racine Gymnastics Center he said, "Is this Max's house?"  No honey, Not gymMAXtics--gymNAStics.  Goofy kid.

Nolan was eating a piece of candy which he tried and then decided he didn't like.  Spitting it out into his hand, he then handed it to me.  I said, "Thanks Nolan."  He looked at me and said, "Put it in the face."  Yes, demanding he can be.  

He also tells me he is having a baby sister but when Charles asks him what's in mommy's tummy he says a baby brother.

Much love and hope this find you well, 
Ali, Charles and Nolan (baby and Tabby too!)  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where have I been????

I am so sorry I have been slacking on the blog lately!  Where have I been you ask?  Well, it's been a busy month.  My cousin, John, was running for mayor for the city of Racine and my family was helping out as much as possible---we are happy to say he won last night!  It was a wonderful evening and one our family will remember for years to come I am sure! 

Helping out on his campaign was awesome, tiring and made me feel really good!  I feel like we have hope for our city now--a city that needs a makeover and a new leader in a big way!  The best part of the evening (besides John winning) was turning in my numbers for the polls.  Charles and I went to collect votes from two wards in Racine.  I called in the numbers after we received them but then we decided to stop by the campaign headquarters before going to Salute's (the gathering place for helpers, family and friends).  I walked in the door and apparently they were waiting for me (which surprised me since I had called in the numbers).  Greg, the campaign manager, grabbed the numbers out of my hand and looked at them...then he started shaking his head and saying--"Yup that confirms it---WE WON!" We all started cheering and I thought--wow--apparently it's a good thing I decided to turn in my numbers and not just call!   It was an awesome night and I am so proud of my cousin.  He has worked hard to get here--beating Bob Turner was tough--as this is the third time he has gone up against him in a political campaign--and he lost the first two times (for state assembly not mayor)--I guess third time is a charm!  All I kept thinking was WOW!  What a great night!  

As for Nolan....I will post more this weekend!  It has been busy but I am tired from celebrating and need to veg on the couch!  love to all...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break Part II

Well, the second week of spring break was about just as busy as the first, but I think this time was more time for mom than for Nolan.  I got A LOT done around the house and had some great time to myself.  Nolan and I had some great playdates with his cousins, and with my college roommate Shannon's little girls, Isabella and Maeve (I wished would could have stayed in Milwaukee longer!!).  We also went to the Racine Zoo with  Ya Ya on Saturday and ran into his cousin Caroline, who was at a birthday party (he was very excited and even held her hand all the way to see the goats).  

I am up for sitting on the couch tonight--the last night before I head back out into the real world.  My break has been relaxing but I guess it's time to get back into reality.  Enjoy the video below.  Nolan had a good time pulling out ALL of my shoes (including the high heels) and trying them on.  I am sure his Uncle Cory will love making fun....
  Charles of course had to make himself feel better by getting Nolan to rock it out shortly after this --you will see them playing many musical instruments. Here's to another fun day in the Gasser household!  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break Part 1

This week started off my spring break---I say started off because I also have next week off (you can quit saying mean and nasty things about me now).  

Nolan and I have had a great week so far.  We hung out at home Monday (Charles took both my set of car keys and his set--therefore I didn't really have a choice to go anywhere).  But I did get a bunch of cleaning done with a little help from the little guy.  Tuesday I had a fun day shopping with my friend, Lara.  Lots of
great deals out there!!

Wednesday we spent the morning at my sister's playing with Quinn and Caroline.  After Nolan's nap we headed up to the Milwaukee Zoo with Ya Ya (my dad). I wasn't quit
e sure what to expect.  Would it be too cold?  Would we see many animals?  It was perfect.  Not only were the animals alert but we had almost the whole zoo to our
selves.  Nolan's favorite saying throughout the day was "Different one?" He'd basically see one animal and want to move right
onto the next thing.  I added a few short videos below of our adventure at the zoo.  Nolan's favorite part was probably the aviary----the birds fly right over your heads in one part and I think they thought Nolan was lunch.  He also really enjoyed the Big Cats (see video below).  One part I didn't get on video was when the tiger walked right by the glass and surprised Nolan.  He took a few steps back and I could see him thinking--"WHOA".  He then turned to me and said
"Do again?"  

After our trip to the zoo, we headed back to Racine.  I couldn't leave out Mimi in this blog.  Below is a video of Mimi and Nolan looking at all the treasures in Mimi's printer's box.  This is a must do every time we are there.  I don't even know if Mimi realized I taped this.  Tomorrow my mom and I head to Cedarburg for the day and Nolan will spend some time at daycare (which he is excited about because Karen, his babysitter, is getting a new roof--which is very cool to a two year old boy).  

Other things heard around the Gasser household  from Nolan:
When asking Nolan a question, he now responds nope, instead of no.

(at bedtime) Sun going down, moon waking up

Good morning, birds

Thank you, God (when he was just saying thank you to me--this is from a prayer book we read at bedtime sometimes).  

My do it (he can be very stubborn about doing things his way.)

Look Mama, look-- hey Look (He also says to Charles, Jason, Ya Ya--and is very enthusiastic about whatever it is he wants you to look at)

my personal favorite:  Itchy butt; Mama scratch it; need lotion (and then legs go up in the air).  

tickle tickle


a doing?  (as in What are you doing?)
and he also repeats EVERYTHING you say.  Today I asked him what was his dealio and he said dealio?  Better watch my language from here on out!  

I'll try to get some of these on video because writing it out doesn't do it justice.  Looking forward to next week.  I'm hoping to take Nolan to Jelly Belly, Betty Brinn Children's Museum and am going to the Titanic Exhibit with my parents.  Should be a fun, busy week!  I will keep you posted!  And feel free to become a follower of my blog --I think you have to have a yahoo, google or AOL email account---but I'd love to have you follow us!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Words I've been wating to hear.....

Today, in the chaos of making chicken alfredo in our very tiny kitchen (all meals seem to be a family affair in our house), Nolan looked at me and said, "I love you, Mama" and reached right over and gave me a hug.  I must say, I have been looking forward to the day he would say that since he was born.  Not only was it totally unexpected, but it made my day incredibly awesome and wonderful.  I'm pretty sure I'll never forget it.      

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nolan turns TWO!

Nolan turned TWO today.  He had a great birthday!  We celebrated at Mimi & Ya Ya's with pizza, cake and ice cream.  Nolan also opened lots of presents!  He got a few "Thomas the Train" pieces to add to his Thomas track, puzzles, a very cool hip sweatshirt with guitars on it a set of musical instruments, and a "motorcycle" as he put it....which was really a tricycle with a handle for mom and dad to push. I thought I would die laughing when he saw it and burst out---"motorcycle!"  

We had a great time, very busy, very noisy and I know Mimi & Ya Ya were glad to have their nice quiet house back to themselves by the time we left.  Nolan also has been talking about birthday cake all week.  He was very excited to see his cake---with construction vehicles---and even blew out his own candle!  I can't believe he is TWO!  

Charles and I were talking tonight about how at this time (this Sunday--not this date) we were actually coming home from the hospital with him.  And I think both of us were thinking--well, it's up to us now, we have our own little person to take care of and I am pretty sure neither of us got much sleep that first night.  Not because Nolan was waking us up, crying, but because we both kept thinking we would hear him cry and wondering if he was okay in his little crib.  That first night home from the hospital is a little nerve-racking but we made it to two--so I guess we are doing okay.  (I actually remember Charles waking up one of those first weeks from a dead sleep searching the covers for the baby.  I had to actually wake him and tell him Nolan was in the other room.  For the record....Nolan never really shares a bed with us, especially when he was an infant---must have been some dream!  

Well, here's to another wonderful year with a wonderful little boy!  Keep growing, keeping changing and keep making us laugh, Nolan!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 dinosaurs mom!

For anyone who knows Nolan....he says NO for every question you ask him....

Do you want to watch Elmo?  NO
Did you have fun today? NO
Are you ready to go in the car?  NO

Today, things changed.  Now everything we ask him is, "yeah".  Not "yes" but "yeah" like, when someone asks you if you had a hard day and you say, "yeah" with that little sigh at the end.

As you can imagine, my husband was taking full advantage of the situation and asking all sorts of goofy, off the wall questions just to hear him say, "yeah".

It was one of the moments you probably have to be there for, although we probably thought it was hilarious because of our lack of sleep last night, which leads me to my next story....

I put Nolan in new pajamas last night.  They were, cute, from Kohls, with dinosaurs all over them.  Little did I realize that the dinosaurs GLOWED IN THE DARK!  Imagine to my surprise (and Nolan's) when I turned off the lights and my little guy's body was glowing with dinosaurs.  I quickly covered him up with a blanket in hopes that he wouldn't notice, but at 3 a.m. when he woke up I think he figured it out and didn't want to go back to sleep.  He was still glowing by the way.  Nice.  Real nice of the clothing manufacturers to put glowing stuff on kids's pjs to keep them occupied in the middle of the night.  Thanks to whatever genius thought that was a great idea; they probably don't have kids.  Although he is sleeping in them again tonight....I am hoping the novelty wears off!  ANd I honestly do like the pjs without all the glowing!  

Sunday, January 18, 2009 it's cold outside!

Well, being stuck inside is no fun, however being off of work is a treat!  I had off Thursday and Friday due to the cold weather--so I bundled Nolan up and we headed over to my sister's house on Thursday to celebrate Quinn's 2nd birthday!  It was a great time!  

We also decided to take the kids to Betty Brinn Children's Museum in Milwaukee on Friday with my cousin Holly and her kids.  It was a great start to a LONG weekend, but we had a wonderful time despite the cold weather.  

Back to the daily grind tomorrow!  Enjoy the pictures!
  and is always the case on Sunday night--I have trouble uploading pics--so check back Monday or Tuesday for spot is taking forever!