Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break Part II

Well, the second week of spring break was about just as busy as the first, but I think this time was more time for mom than for Nolan.  I got A LOT done around the house and had some great time to myself.  Nolan and I had some great playdates with his cousins, and with my college roommate Shannon's little girls, Isabella and Maeve (I wished would could have stayed in Milwaukee longer!!).  We also went to the Racine Zoo with  Ya Ya on Saturday and ran into his cousin Caroline, who was at a birthday party (he was very excited and even held her hand all the way to see the goats).  

I am up for sitting on the couch tonight--the last night before I head back out into the real world.  My break has been relaxing but I guess it's time to get back into reality.  Enjoy the video below.  Nolan had a good time pulling out ALL of my shoes (including the high heels) and trying them on.  I am sure his Uncle Cory will love making fun....
  Charles of course had to make himself feel better by getting Nolan to rock it out shortly after this --you will see them playing many musical instruments. Here's to another fun day in the Gasser household!