Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween is in the air

Well, I don't have very many pics from this weekend (and I am being a little lazy) but we had a great time taking Nolan to the Milwaukee Zoo for their Halloween Spooktacular.  We went up with Clare, Josh, Quinn and Caroline.  It was tons of fun.  The kids got to dress up in their Halloween costumes and trick or treat around the zoo.  We didn't see as many animals as we would have liked but I think the kids had a great time (especially on the carousel and the choo choo train).  We also have celebrated this Halloween by taking not one--but TWO trips to the pumpkin farm (two different farms of course--we had to compare!) and will go trick or treating on Friday night with the kids.  I will add pictures this week.....cross my heart!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dancing man!

Nolan loves the song, Black Velvet.  It plays on the radio every day around lunchtime at daycare and it has become his song.  We videotaped him one evening (we uploaded it from itunes) and here he is.  Don't you love how he throws in a clap every once in awhile (he gets that from his mom).  It is also quite close to bedtime and he is getting sleepy (see the rub of the eyes) but he just has to dance!  

Life here is going well.  Below I have also posted pictures from our busy long fall weekend, we went to the pumpkin farm and we plan on going one more time before Halloween.  Nolan's other new thing is wanting to sit in a regular chair at dinner (as seen below).  He thinks he is quite a big boy and won't have much to do with his booster seat, although he will sit on phone books. Oh, and I love my new Mac; it makes uploading pics and video much easier!  I am still getting the hang of things but I love it!  Enjoy our post this week.....
and check out the Sucharda post as well---for those of you who know the Sucharda family!  Talk to you ali

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Party on the Pavement

We enjoyed downtown Racine this weekend at the annual Party on the Pavement.
Nolan especially loved the petting farm area.....I thought he was going to crawl in the pen.  And of course, the music was good too--although we missed getting him and his groovy dancing on tape!   A few other pics from earlier in the week.... Nolan's newest thing is getting out the stool to sit and color (see above).  He also enjoyed taking my seat at the dinner table.  He thought he was quite funny sneaking into my chair and eating my dinner.  His newest saying...."aw man" which he got from Shayla at daycare.  He also has gotten into the habit of calling Tabitha (our dog).  He says, "Come Taba".
I will upload more pics this week (of the above mentioned)....but the blogger is taking forever to upload pics and i am exhausted from a late night last night!  Check back later in the week!