Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas (and baby) Countdown!

Usually I am annoyed to see Christmas trees up early in department stores, but this year was different. The sign of the first Christmas display (in Kohls right around Halloween) made me think, "Yay, this baby is almost here!" For those of you that don't know, we are scheduled for the c-section December 29th, the day after dad's birthday (he even said, pretty cool present--guess that means I don't have to get him anything this year--just kidding Charles!) We even have a countdown posted on our blog (look right!)

We have been busy getting our house in order and getting prepared. Although this time will be different because I will have a full week off of work before I actually have the baby. I am looking forward to that! I think Charles is actually in nesting mode as well as he is tackling projects all over the house (redoing the bathroom, regrouting kitchen tiles, hanging new shades). Most of the Christmas shopping is done (I am NEVER done this early but it feels great!) and I am ready to put up the decorations over Thanksgiving weekend. We are definitely in the holiday mood around here. We went to see the holiday parade downtown last weekend. Nolan was a little sad when it was all over and tonight we took a walk outside the zoo to see the Christmas decorations--Nolan's new favorite thing to look for while driving in the car. While getting our coats on and heading out the door, I explained to Nolan that we won't actually be able to go in to see the animals--as they were all sleeping already. Nolan's response, "Will we have to tip toe?" Where does he come up with these things??? I also enjoyed celebrating my 33rd birthday this weekend. Charles and I went out to a nice dinner at Olde Madrid downtown and then out to see a movie and then out for dessert. The movie freaked me out though--as he was snoring away later that night I was up thinking about alien abduction as we went to see "The Fourth Kind" (our other two choices were sold out!) ENjoy the pics below and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween weekend was quite hectic! I honestly felt like I moved into a new house. We recently bought Nolan a new big boy bed (which he loves!!!) and with the deal at the furniture store--we also bought a new couch, chair and tv (no we didn't win the lottery but the deal was too good to pass up!)

So Charles and I spent the better part of the weekend cleaning house and rearranging furniture--the living room, our "new" playroom down the basement, Nolan's bedroom (making room for the baby and his bed!). It was A LOT of work but our house is clean and ready for a newborn. We love the new furniture and Nolan is very excited to take a nap or go to bed (or else he is coming down with something!). He just thinks it's neat that he can sleep in his own little bed.

We also went trick or treating this weekend near my parents' house. We walked the neighborhood with Aunt Clare, Uncle Josh, Caroline and Quinn. Tons of fun--Nolan was more excited to ring the bell and see the decorations (his new favorite word) then actually get chocolate (although mom wouldn't mind the latter!). Caroline did her best to help pick him up to try and ring the bell--since he couldn't reach. But nine times out of ten, the person would come to the door before he actually rang it! Good try, Caroline! Well, that's about all from this end--enjoy the slide show below!