Friday, June 26, 2009


I find myself finally with some time to add to the blog and make our big announcement....we are expecting!  
First of all, I have been MIA from the blog because of two reasons 1) the end of the school year is way too busy and 2)  morning sickness officially took over sometime at the beginning of May and basically left me in a heap of blahness, not wanting to do much of anything but eat and sleep and occasionally complain (just ask Charles). 

But I am feeling better and also feel that I have neglected to add to my blog, so I will fill you in on what's been going on with the family.

We have been quite busy as well.  Back in May (before morning sickness fully took over) we met our friends, the Suchardas, at the Milwaukee Zoo.  Liam and Nolan are three months apart and pretty similar in their interests.  They had a great time together and we need to get together more often.  Andrea (mom Sucharda) and I are on the same family plan apparently because she is also pregnant and due three months before me again!!!  

Charles has been busy getting ready for his show at Summerfest next Wednesday, July 1st, on the Harley Davidson stage (5:30 if you're interested!).  The band has been working hard and has released their new album, Inevitable, and new website just recently.  It has been taking up a good portion of his time, but he still makes time for Nolan and I!  I can't wait for the Summerfest gig!  They also recently opened for Life House and Augustana, which were two great gigs to have and the band had a great time playing (unfortunately I wasn't there---but I was invited by the hubby. If time travel existed I would have been there in a heartbeat as one gig was in St. Louis and the other in LaCrosse!).

Here are Charles and Jason getting some work done with help from Nolan:  

And finally summer is upon us.  I have finally started to feel better and am hopefully starting to kick morning sickness out the door (although this could just be the upswing of my week!).  We have been spending lots of time with Quinn and Caroline: going to the park, going to gymnastics class and just playing at each other's houses.  I am tutoring twice a week and still seem to be doing "school work"--(does it ever end??), but am keeping up with 
Nolan best I can.  

Okay--so you want some pregnancy details I suppose.  Some of you I have talked to and some of you are finding out on here (hope you aren't mad!), but I am officially at the three month mark and due on January 6th.  I haven't decided if I will find out the sex of this one (we did with Nolan), but am contemplating keeping it a surprise.  My friend Heidi said, "You'll already know the baby's birthday --I think you make it a surprise!" which really got me thinking.  We won't be setting up a nursery for this one as we don't have a separate bedroom in this house for a newborn.  So I may just wait.....still deciding!  I'll keep you updated on that one! (I will know the baby's birthday as I will have a C-section with this one too.)

Below is a video of the kids swimming in our backyard.  They had a great time playing together. Nolan and Quinn really get along well.  Nolan loves to follow Caroline (he is very concerned about what she is doing all the time) and Quinn loves to follow Nolan so it works out quite well.  


I have to end with a few Nolan stories:  
I told Nolan we were going to gymnastics.  This was a pretty new concept as we had only been to the Racine Gymnastic Center a few times before.  I must have said it too quickly because in the car he kept asking, "Mama, where's Max?"  I'm thinking--who's Max???  What is he talking about.  When we finally pulled up to the Racine Gymnastics Center he said, "Is this Max's house?"  No honey, Not gymMAXtics--gymNAStics.  Goofy kid.

Nolan was eating a piece of candy which he tried and then decided he didn't like.  Spitting it out into his hand, he then handed it to me.  I said, "Thanks Nolan."  He looked at me and said, "Put it in the face."  Yes, demanding he can be.  

He also tells me he is having a baby sister but when Charles asks him what's in mommy's tummy he says a baby brother.

Much love and hope this find you well, 
Ali, Charles and Nolan (baby and Tabby too!)