Wednesday, August 19, 2009

and we are having.....

a boy!  We really weren't sure if we were going to find out or not.  I even posted a note on my facebook page and had close to 50 responses from friends telling me to find out or to wait.  I thought about it all day and knew Charles really wanted to find out.  I kept wondering if I would be disappointed in the delivery room--especially if it turned out to be a boy and I was certain it was a girl.  Overall, I am totally excited.  I was also totally shocked when we found out it was a boy and Charles kept saying--are you sure?  We actually had a chat in the parking lot that maybe we really will have to go for number three (not for awhile--don't worry mom--I really have to forget morning sickness first).  

Anyways, one huge positive is that I have tons of clothes to fit this baby--since Nolan was born in February and this one is due in January.  

We also had Nolan in the ultrasound room with us.  We asked him before we went in what I was having and he said a baby brother.  Guess he knew something we didn't!  I am totally excited that he will have a little brother to play with and for all of those that wanted me to wait....sorry, I'm a planner and not the most patient person on the planet (just ask Charles or my mother!)

Now...if we just had a boy name picked out....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where does the time go???

And here I thought I would be blogging all summer! It's August 2nd and I have nothing to show for the busy summer we've had. So I am catching you up with a very long post on what has been going on in the lives of the Gassers.

Fourth of July (yes, I can't believe I have to go back THAT far) was great! Nolan did not move from the curb for the 3 1/2 hour parade (except when the hot air balloon guy set off the fire--then he literally jumped over my head-terrified of the flame and heat!). We spent the afternoon cooking out at my sister's and then Charles and I enjoyed the neighborhood fireworks after Nolan went to bed. Nolan still isn't a big fan of fireworks either--and he eventually fell asleep with us until the fireworks died down at 1:00 a.m.

In general this summer has been busy, making trips to the Racine Zoo, North Beach, many park trips and gymnastics on Wednesday mornings as well. We see lots of cousins Caroline and Quinn which makes it easy on Clare and I--since Nolan follows Caroline and Quinn follows Nolan. It's like a giant follow the leader game constantly.

We also planned a last minute trip down to Alabama to see my sister, Sarah, brother-in-law, Cory, and nephews, Jack and Duke. Nolan had a great time visiting his cousins. He was excited to go on "cation". We sat on their beach and played in their four acre lake, we visited the Birmingham Zoo, we went to the Science Education Center and overall it was well worth the 14 hour drive (really only 11 but with a pregnant woman and a toddler we had to stop a few times!). Below is a slide show of our awesome trip. Nolan always says the funniest things--sometimes I wonder where he comes up with this stuff. We slept in the office at Sarah and Cory's house. If you know my brother-in-law at all, then you would understand that their would be many different animal heads hanging on the wall. The office is decorated with about eight of these creatures. After about the third night sleeping in the office, I was reading Nolan bedtime stories and he was looking around at the animals. He looked at me and said, "Are they sitting, mama?" What do you tell a two year old? My response, "Yup, they are sitting listening and then they are going to sleep too." I just wonder what he really thought of those animals. Sarah's kids were tons of fun to play with--Jack and Nolan had some great toddler conversations that were fun to overhear and Duke cracked us all up with his dance moves and his constant -collecting of food off everyone else's plates when they were done eating--man that kid can eat! They both are also awesome swimmers for their age and showed Nolan a thing or two--he finally got a little brave near the end and tried "swimming" himself.

Right now, as we get back in the swing of things, with very little summer to go, Charles has headed to L.A. for two weeks to work on a band deal. We don't have many details yet, but it could turn into a good deal if their trip goes well--so I will keep you posted. Luckily we do get a chance to talk at least once a day--and we will see how Nolan reacts with daddy being gone this long. I told Nolan that he was on a trip to California with "Uncle" Jason. Later when I asked him where daddy was he said, "Calibama". Thought that was pretty funny.

I head back to school VERY soon (I will probably be back in the building almost full time by August 17th!). I have a lot to do to prepare for the school year--I've been slacking this summer!! I also am feeling better, but still have a few down days here and there--like when I threw up in the car on the way home from Alabama--that was fun for Charles I am sure(: Glad he still loves me! We still don't know what we are having--60% chance finding out and 40% chance of making it a surprise--feel free to share your thoughts (I have even posted a poll so you can vote!).

This past Friday my sister, my cousin Holly and I also went to the Racine County Fair--with kids in tow of course (we would not find this entertaining without children!). I will post pictures soon---thanks to Holly and Clare for taking most of them!

I am trying to remember any other funny sayings from Nolan recently. The funniest one would probably have to be after we got home from "cation" and my parents stopped over to visit. Hearing them knock on the door, he ran over yelling "Ya Ya (who is his grandpa), gave my mom a big hug and then said, "Come on in, guys!" Where does he get this stuff???? I promise to post more frequently--I say that now, but with the school year coming up as well as Anne and Jason's wedding---we will be very busy! Don't hold it against me if I am MIA again! I'll try really hard this time!