Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where have I been????

I am so sorry I have been slacking on the blog lately!  Where have I been you ask?  Well, it's been a busy month.  My cousin, John, was running for mayor for the city of Racine and my family was helping out as much as possible---we are happy to say he won last night!  It was a wonderful evening and one our family will remember for years to come I am sure! 

Helping out on his campaign was awesome, tiring and made me feel really good!  I feel like we have hope for our city now--a city that needs a makeover and a new leader in a big way!  The best part of the evening (besides John winning) was turning in my numbers for the polls.  Charles and I went to collect votes from two wards in Racine.  I called in the numbers after we received them but then we decided to stop by the campaign headquarters before going to Salute's (the gathering place for helpers, family and friends).  I walked in the door and apparently they were waiting for me (which surprised me since I had called in the numbers).  Greg, the campaign manager, grabbed the numbers out of my hand and looked at them...then he started shaking his head and saying--"Yup that confirms it---WE WON!" We all started cheering and I thought--wow--apparently it's a good thing I decided to turn in my numbers and not just call!   It was an awesome night and I am so proud of my cousin.  He has worked hard to get here--beating Bob Turner was tough--as this is the third time he has gone up against him in a political campaign--and he lost the first two times (for state assembly not mayor)--I guess third time is a charm!  All I kept thinking was WOW!  What a great night!  

As for Nolan....I will post more this weekend!  It has been busy but I am tired from celebrating and need to veg on the couch!  love to all...