Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nolan turns TWO!

Nolan turned TWO today.  He had a great birthday!  We celebrated at Mimi & Ya Ya's with pizza, cake and ice cream.  Nolan also opened lots of presents!  He got a few "Thomas the Train" pieces to add to his Thomas track, puzzles, a very cool hip sweatshirt with guitars on it a set of musical instruments, and a "motorcycle" as he put it....which was really a tricycle with a handle for mom and dad to push. I thought I would die laughing when he saw it and burst out---"motorcycle!"  

We had a great time, very busy, very noisy and I know Mimi & Ya Ya were glad to have their nice quiet house back to themselves by the time we left.  Nolan also has been talking about birthday cake all week.  He was very excited to see his cake---with construction vehicles---and even blew out his own candle!  I can't believe he is TWO!  

Charles and I were talking tonight about how at this time (this Sunday--not this date) we were actually coming home from the hospital with him.  And I think both of us were thinking--well, it's up to us now, we have our own little person to take care of and I am pretty sure neither of us got much sleep that first night.  Not because Nolan was waking us up, crying, but because we both kept thinking we would hear him cry and wondering if he was okay in his little crib.  That first night home from the hospital is a little nerve-racking but we made it to two--so I guess we are doing okay.  (I actually remember Charles waking up one of those first weeks from a dead sleep searching the covers for the baby.  I had to actually wake him and tell him Nolan was in the other room.  For the record....Nolan never really shares a bed with us, especially when he was an infant---must have been some dream!  

Well, here's to another wonderful year with a wonderful little boy!  Keep growing, keeping changing and keep making us laugh, Nolan!