Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did I mention my husband rocks?

Yes, my husband is a rock star, but did I mention that he rocks? We celebrated our five year anniversary this weekend. Yes, we were married in August and our anniversary celebration is a little late due to the fact that Charles was in LA during our anniversary (but he did send me flowers while in LA). So he had "something" planned--I had no idea what and just had to go with the flow.....

For those of you that know Charles he is NOT a very good secret keeper, but he did REALLY well this weekend. After dropping Nolan off at my parents for the night, we headed to Milwaukee. Being pregnant, I am hungry all the time and thought outloud--"I should have grabbed a snack for the ride." Well, he thought of everything--first of all, he had provisions for me to eat when I got hungry--which he knew would happen. Then, we ended up at a fantastic restaurant in Milwaukee--"Swig" which had many "small plate" dishes which he thought would be a great choice for me because I fill up fast. We stopped at a bar for another drink (non alcoholic for preggers here) and then we were off to the big event.....a Kelly Clarkson concert. And once again, he thought of everything. He got great seats and made sure to get an aisle seat for me-- the one plus being that no one was sitting in front of me so if I needed to sit I could (and still see the stage). It was a great night, a great concert and a wonderful anniversary! Thanks Charles for an awesome anniversary---you totally surprised me! I love you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Whirlwind of Events

We have been very busy in the last month. With going up north to see Charles' parents to celebrating Anne and Jason's big day (which was amazing, awesome, spectacular and everything in between). It was truly a wonderful day and Charles and I were thrilled to be a part of it. I even danced quite a bit and the reception went until 2:00--we made it until the end! A very tired Ali, but so worth the great time we had!

Nolan has been growing and always a ton of fun. We went to Party on the Pavement recently (they shut down Main and Sixth Streets and although it was cold this year, we had a good time). We also celebrated dad's birthday that night after Party on the Pavement. Good times with the fam! I have been busy with school. This year seems busier than last, but my curriculum for sixth grade has changed which is why. I am loving it and will miss my students a little when I am gone on maternity leave. They have started a baby name list for me--it is now four pages long and they are voting on the best names (some of them are really out there--like Nacho??--remember they are middle schoolers). One of my students asked me recently if that was how I was really going to pick the baby's name. Remember, they are middle schoolers.

I am just ending my long fall weekend--I had off Friday and this Monday--it was great! We went out on Saturday night with my sister, and my cousins. We headed to a haunted house after dinner and I didn't realize how nervous Josh actually got at these things. It was fairly decent for a haunted house. I am looking forward to the 23rd---as Charles has a surprise planned for me for our anniversary which we didn't celebrate as he was in LA with the band. Looking forward to that and the living room furniture we ordered last week! I am sure I will post pics after it all comes in! Enjoy the pics and the video of Nolan below! Can't believe the weather is changing so quickly---guess that means winter is almost here and so is this baby! Hope the time flies! Just so you know--I will be having this one on December 29th or 30th but I am sure I will post before then!

As a side note, I apologize for not having more pics of Anne and Jason's big day--we were having way too much fun to take pictures! Below is a video of Nolan. He is a big fan of Uncle Jason---therefore the guitar I dug out from when he was a baby is now his favorite new toy. We also have been practicing raising our eyebrows---funny!