Friday, August 22, 2008

Funny moments of the week....

Well, although I have no pictures for this week, I do want to share a few funny moments from the week.

Nolan woke up Tuesday morning fairly was pretty overcast and dreary looking outside. The first words out of his mouth for the day were..."rain? thunder? BOOM!" even though it wasn't even raining out. He made me laugh pretty hard.

He is also really into buttons these days. Anything small and round seems to be a "button". I was getting dressed in our bedroom and had yet to put anything up top when he pointed to me and said--button? He also discovered he had a "button" down below in the tub later in the week (and for those of you that are a little slower he was not referring to a belly button may I add). Charles and I were laughing pretty hard at his interesting association. I'll keep you posted on more funny sayings and doings! back to school this week for me!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Adventure

We have just returned home from being up north visiting Nolan's grandma and grandpa (or Ba-pa as Nolan likes to call him). What an adventure we had! Our first day there we went to the Adam-Friendship Flea Market, where there are bargains galore and the same garbage being sold this year as three summers ago. However, sometimes you do find a useful or fun little trinket and Nolan had his eye on CARS--as Matchbox cars or Tonka trunks seemed to be in every booth.
Later that day we went to the Adams-Friendship County Fair, where Grandma spoiled Nolan rotten with treats and fair rides--basically anything he wanted under the sun.

Sunday we headed to the Dells. We stayed in a hotel with a small waterpark for toddlers. Nolan wasn't quite sure what to think about the water flying all over the place and the playground in the middle of the pool. But after awhile he got the hang of it and went down the waterslide at least 30 times!

While searching for something to do with Nolan besides just the water park--we stumbled upon an aquarium---promising 80,000 gallons of water with over 1,000 fish--60 different species. It sounded like a promising adventure. We found it, paid our way too expensive admission and entered the "Shed" aquarium---it was literally a large shed with fish tanks full of cloudy water. The best part of the aquarium was the blue heron we saw outside feasting on the fish in the tanks...and might I add the blue heron was not an actual part of the exhibit--he was just eating his breakfast.

That was the obviously not the highlight of the trip. We also took Nolan to the Deer Park--in which we could actually feed the deer (really cool and Nolan loved it). And we took him on the Wisconsin Ducks--which he also found very cool (and I think his cousin Jack would love!!). Dad and I even got a little time out by ourselves--while Grandpa and Grandma babysat. We spent the last day back at Grandma and Grandpa's--playing outside and eating too much food. Overall, it was a great mini summer vacation!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bugs and Bites Oh My!

Well, today was a great day! Nolan woke up with a swollen eye that just kept getting more swollen from some insect bite he got yesterday. I am calling him my little Quasimodo. I must say I got a few looks from people while running errands today--no I don't beat my kid but the bugs sure did!

And then today--to top off his eye--he was playing at Clare's house with his cousin Quinn when they both started crying (they were playing in the Little Tikes playhouse outback). Clare and I ran over to see what happened and I picked up Nolan, while Clare made the assumption that Quinn had gotten stung by something. She was right--and it was still happening. The boys had incidentally woken up the wasps or hornets that were living underneath the playhouse. And they were not happy about it. They stung poor Quinn three times, Nolan once and they got me three times. A hornet was even buzzing around in Nolan's overalls--that was a fun, frantic screaming few minutes we had while stripping the kids down (now inside) to make sure all the buzzing insects were gone. I am still icing my arm---what a great way to end a perfectly fine afternoon (I must say the boys were a lot tougher than me--I STILL hurt!)
Oh--and one more thing...Nolan decided tonight that he likes dill pickles (and can even say pickles) but he only eats them until he runs out of room to hold onto and then he puts the rest on his plate and asks for another--funny kid!

Monday, August 4, 2008

August Already!

I can't believe it is August already! Summer goes by so fast and soon it will be back to school. I am trying to make every effort to update my blog each week (apparently my sisters both have this task accomplished each week--somehow I always end up behind!) We have had a really fun summer! The Fourth of July brought the Raths up to Wisconsin--more pictures of my nephews (and niece) coming soon if I can ever get pictures from my sisters (hint hint!). We have had countless moments at Clare and Josh's playing with the kids--gives the moms a little of a break! Nolan is doing all sorts of things these days. He is a huge fan of flags and points them out wherever we are! He says tons of words these days too---turtle, bug, cloud, flag, frog, flower, butterfly--just to name a few. He even said his name the other day (but only once)! He is tons of fun and makes Charles and I laugh every day (and often more than once!). And my favorite expressions are "Whoa" and "Wow"--I'm trying to get those on video!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kiera comes to town!

My friend Kiera came to town for a quick vist---all the way from Long Island. I know her because my mom and her mom (Julie) went to high school together and have been friends for a long time. Kiera and I are just a week apart! She is fun--we had a good time at the zoo and she even shared gold fish with me!