Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yeah....cool dinosaurs mom!

For anyone who knows Nolan....he says NO for every question you ask him....

Do you want to watch Elmo?  NO
Did you have fun today? NO
Are you ready to go in the car?  NO

Today, things changed.  Now everything we ask him is, "yeah".  Not "yes" but "yeah" like, when someone asks you if you had a hard day and you say, "yeah" with that little sigh at the end.

As you can imagine, my husband was taking full advantage of the situation and asking all sorts of goofy, off the wall questions just to hear him say, "yeah".

It was one of the moments you probably have to be there for, although we probably thought it was hilarious because of our lack of sleep last night, which leads me to my next story....

I put Nolan in new pajamas last night.  They were, cute, from Kohls, with dinosaurs all over them.  Little did I realize that the dinosaurs GLOWED IN THE DARK!  Imagine to my surprise (and Nolan's) when I turned off the lights and my little guy's body was glowing with dinosaurs.  I quickly covered him up with a blanket in hopes that he wouldn't notice, but at 3 a.m. when he woke up I think he figured it out and didn't want to go back to sleep.  He was still glowing by the way.  Nice.  Real nice of the clothing manufacturers to put glowing stuff on kids's pjs to keep them occupied in the middle of the night.  Thanks to whatever genius thought that was a great idea; they probably don't have kids.  Although he is sleeping in them again tonight....I am hoping the novelty wears off!  ANd I honestly do like the pjs without all the glowing!  

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brr........baby it's cold outside!

Well, being stuck inside is no fun, however being off of work is a treat!  I had off Thursday and Friday due to the cold weather--so I bundled Nolan up and we headed over to my sister's house on Thursday to celebrate Quinn's 2nd birthday!  It was a great time!  

We also decided to take the kids to Betty Brinn Children's Museum in Milwaukee on Friday with my cousin Holly and her kids.  It was a great start to a LONG weekend, but we had a wonderful time despite the cold weather.  

Back to the daily grind tomorrow!  Enjoy the pictures!
  and is always the case on Sunday night--I have trouble uploading pics--so check back Monday or Tuesday for more.....blog spot is taking forever!