Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break Part 1

This week started off my spring break---I say started off because I also have next week off (you can quit saying mean and nasty things about me now).  

Nolan and I have had a great week so far.  We hung out at home Monday (Charles took both my set of car keys and his set--therefore I didn't really have a choice to go anywhere).  But I did get a bunch of cleaning done with a little help from the little guy.  Tuesday I had a fun day shopping with my friend, Lara.  Lots of
great deals out there!!

Wednesday we spent the morning at my sister's playing with Quinn and Caroline.  After Nolan's nap we headed up to the Milwaukee Zoo with Ya Ya (my dad). I wasn't quit
e sure what to expect.  Would it be too cold?  Would we see many animals?  It was perfect.  Not only were the animals alert but we had almost the whole zoo to our
selves.  Nolan's favorite saying throughout the day was "Different one?" He'd basically see one animal and want to move right
onto the next thing.  I added a few short videos below of our adventure at the zoo.  Nolan's favorite part was probably the aviary----the birds fly right over your heads in one part and I think they thought Nolan was lunch.  He also really enjoyed the Big Cats (see video below).  One part I didn't get on video was when the tiger walked right by the glass and surprised Nolan.  He took a few steps back and I could see him thinking--"WHOA".  He then turned to me and said
"Do again?"  

After our trip to the zoo, we headed back to Racine.  I couldn't leave out Mimi in this blog.  Below is a video of Mimi and Nolan looking at all the treasures in Mimi's printer's box.  This is a must do every time we are there.  I don't even know if Mimi realized I taped this.  Tomorrow my mom and I head to Cedarburg for the day and Nolan will spend some time at daycare (which he is excited about because Karen, his babysitter, is getting a new roof--which is very cool to a two year old boy).  

Other things heard around the Gasser household  from Nolan:
When asking Nolan a question, he now responds nope, instead of no.

(at bedtime) Sun going down, moon waking up

Good morning, birds

Thank you, God (when he was just saying thank you to me--this is from a prayer book we read at bedtime sometimes).  

My do it (he can be very stubborn about doing things his way.)

Look Mama, look-- hey Look (He also says to Charles, Jason, Ya Ya--and is very enthusiastic about whatever it is he wants you to look at)

my personal favorite:  Itchy butt; Mama scratch it; need lotion (and then legs go up in the air).  

tickle tickle


a doing?  (as in What are you doing?)
and he also repeats EVERYTHING you say.  Today I asked him what was his dealio and he said dealio?  Better watch my language from here on out!  

I'll try to get some of these on video because writing it out doesn't do it justice.  Looking forward to next week.  I'm hoping to take Nolan to Jelly Belly, Betty Brinn Children's Museum and am going to the Titanic Exhibit with my parents.  Should be a fun, busy week!  I will keep you posted!  And feel free to become a follower of my blog --I think you have to have a yahoo, google or AOL email account---but I'd love to have you follow us!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Words I've been wating to hear.....

Today, in the chaos of making chicken alfredo in our very tiny kitchen (all meals seem to be a family affair in our house), Nolan looked at me and said, "I love you, Mama" and reached right over and gave me a hug.  I must say, I have been looking forward to the day he would say that since he was born.  Not only was it totally unexpected, but it made my day incredibly awesome and wonderful.  I'm pretty sure I'll never forget it.