Monday, September 7, 2009

and I give this summer a thumbs up.....

We spent our last weekend of real summer visiting Charles' parents up north in Adams-Friendship. Nolan had the time of his life, especially because he got to ride on grandpa's big digger!!! It was probably the highlight of the trip if not the entire summer!

Besides my allergies kicking in at the end of the trip (yuck), we had a great time enjoying the outdoors and heading to the local flea market. Nolan had to check out EVERY small and big car at EVERY booth---and I am not kidding when I say every car. He didn't want to buy much, but did have to make sure they all worked well. We did end up getting a few for him (and a really cool police car that lights up and makes noise--the heat must have made me delirious--seriously what was I thinking). He deserved it since we
forgot just about all of his cars at home--once again--what were we thinking! We actually packed them but somehow they never made it into the car.

Enjoy the pictures. I will try to post again in a few weeks. I head to camp this
week with my fifth and sixth graders. Then it is off to Madison in which Charles and I will help h
ost a bachelor and bachelorette party for Jason and Anne. Then, the following weekend it's back to Madison to participate in their big day. A lot of running around but tons of fun!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hectic Week--but still smiling!

It has been a very hectic week.  I've had something before and after school every day and I find this Friday I am EXHAUSTED.  But I had to share this funny tidbit with you. 

On Tuesday, Nolan went with me to get blood drawn at the doctor's office (no worries I have to do this every six weeks right now for my thyroid).  As we were leaving and driving out of the All Saints parking lot he saw the building we had been in for the ultrasound and also the building which holds the hospital where the baby will be born.  

He remembered this and said, "Mama, let's go there and get the baby brother."  I had to laugh and tell him the baby brother wasn't ready yet.  It was still in my tummy, but he could pick him up after Christmas.  

I also laughed out loud after we got home from the ultrasound a few weeks ago (in which he came with Charles and I) and he told me, "Mama, I'm proud of you."  The kid comes up with the craziest things...I tell ya.  

This weekend it is off to a little adventure up north to visit Charles' parents and then to camp with my students for the week.  Let's hope I survive the wilderness!  Have a great Labor Day weekend!