Thursday, February 18, 2010

The second time around the block...

I must say, the second time around the block with a baby is a little easier. You know what you're doing, you've been there before and it just seems easier. Having a three year old also in the mix does change things a little bit, but for the most part, I think we have the hang of it! Both Heidi and my mom are on my case to post some new pictures of the baby. Check below at the slide show, but before you do that--take a look at the two pictures below: One is Nolan and one is Jonah--can you guess who is who(I'll post the answer at the bottom of the page)? I think they look A LOT alike--but I am sure their personalities will be quite different. It will be interesting to see how Jonah grows and changes. Can't wait. He is already a great baby. Eats ALL THE TIME and sleeps pretty well too. I can't complain. Nolan loves being a big brother and does get the twinge of jealousy once in awhile but really is a pretty good boy these days.

Besides the new baby, things have been a little hectic. To keep me from going stir crazy, Charles and I have been decluttering the house--as we are wanting to put in on the market in spring (our goal is the beginning of April). We have a few projects to do, like paint part of the basement, but we should be able to hammer them all out by then. Most of the decluttering is done and we have a ton of stuff in storage. Looking at houses, even online has become quite fun and we are hoping to find something with a bit more space!!! (and at least a bath and a half). Another adventure begins--nothing stays boring here for long--Ali always needs a project!!

We also celebrated Nolan's birthday this past weekend, a little earlier than usual. He turns three on the 22nd but Charles is heading to California this Friday and won't be home to help celebrate it. So we decided to bump up the celebration a little. Nolan had a great birthday--he helped pick out his race car cake (in my opinion it was a pretty ugly cake, but that was his choice!). He loved his presents, especially the garage from Aunt Clare and Uncle Josh. On his actual birthday Clare and I are planning to take Nolan and Quinn to Monkey Joes (an indoor fun park with inflatables). I know Nolan will LOVE that! Pictures will come soon.

And Charles leaves for California this Friday until the 28th. He has a major show at Sunset Sessions, a venue play for tv and radio producers. They also played this venue last year, but this year they are on the main stage (Jason Mraz and Melissa Ethridge will also be playing this stage on Friday). Its a pretty big deal for Bascom Hill. They have the same time slot that the Zac Brown Band had last year--and if you watched the Grammys the Zac Brown Band won for Best New Artist this year. So maybe this time slot will have some luck attached to it! They also will be working on their music video, which stars Mr. Quin Stickler, the Bradley Brothers (tennis champs) and possibly Lou Ferigno--The Incredible Hulk (and maybe a few other stars if they are lucky). He is excited and nervous about the trip. I'll let you know how it goes.

Enjoy the pictures below. I promise to be a little better about posting more frequently! Charles just got a new camera so hopefully I will be snapping more pics as our current camera works only some of the time!

Nolan is on the left! Jonah on the right!