Saturday, January 21, 2012

To continue or not....that is the question!

I am writing this for my own benefit, and just wondering what others are feeling.

I started my blog in 2007 when Nolan was born--to share pics and stories of our little guy, and our life. Then I discovered facebook and blogspot went on the back burner. Now I am questioning what to do. As many of you know, I am a scrapper and love to scrapbook. I do love the blogspot, but I always wanted to be able to print out my blog and put in a scrapbook of some sort (I think I have finally found a solution to that!!!). I also want to write more and capture the memories of my little guys.

I just read through my blog (or briefly skimmed) to see what was in there. I was pleasantly surprised with a few of my older posts--I had forgotten things, was happy I had them written down here for myself to see in writing and color! I am hoping to take some of those memories and make smaller "yearbooks" in my scrapbook program to be able to cherish. What do you do with your posts? What does blogspot do for you and why do you do it?

Just curious. I am thinking I might get back into it.....your thoughts? Alicia

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