Saturday, July 31, 2010

I know....I haven't been updating!

Okay, I admit, I have not been as up to date on my blog as I would like to be. It was a busy summer and I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I would have liked! No traveling for us this summer, besides going up to see Charles' mom up north. But we did a lot with the kids and kept busy and as cool as possible. I can't believe I am back to school already and Nolan too! He started in Early School at Prairie. It is nice to have him there with him, especially when I get to see him at lunch time or run into him in the halls. I think he is wondering why every adult in the building knows his name!!! So far, he has loved it!

Other things to fill you in on in the Gasser household. Charles has been busy at work but even busier with the band. He went to LA this summer for a few shows and played with the Bryan Brothers. He then toured around Wisconsin and Michigan, playing at Kamplified with a bunch of other bands for different camps in the area and then headed to Colorado to play some more. The band has also released their CD nationally, we will see what their future may hold. It's all very exciting and busy---I just don't know what else to say as this is all unchartered territory to us...I'll keep you in the loop. (By the way, if you haven't seen their music video, My World, it is definitely worth watching(: They are having an official CD release party in September in Milwaukee! YAY! They also are currently #69 on the charts!!! Pretty awesome!

Jonah is HUGE! Seriously, I can only tote him around for five minutes before my arm hurts. He eats all the time and is a really happy baby (except when he is hungry and I do not have a bottle ready). He will be eight months this month (August 29th) and weighs....drum roll please....22 lbs! He is a FAST crawler and surprised us Friday night by pulling himself up to stand. A trick he has been trying to work on since he got the crawling thing down. I am pretty sure cruising isn't far behind. Nolan is a great big brother and sometimes gets a little jealous but we are working on patience (a quality his mother lacks at times). But we are working on it. I seriously cannot believe Jonah is already 8 months old---time really flew with the second baby! Before I know it, he's going to be a toddler!

And finally, the house, probably the one thing constantly on my mind! We had a rough go of it a about a month ago. We decided to put on a new roof and all hell broke loose. We also decided to put in an offer on another house--contingent on the sale of ours. Well--it was just one thing after another.....the roof was probably the easiest transaction of all of them. Charles' car died that week as well and was later deemed unfixable. We had to buy a new car and the house we liked--it appeared they were going to take our offer and then declined it at the last minute. The cherry on top was when a sudden storm ripped our front screen door off it's hinges and threw our patio umbrella to the backyard (about ten minutes after we left the house). Needless to say, I was a little panicked as money was just flying out of our wallets and we don't neccessarily have the means to have that happen. But it has all worked out and we are back to thinking positive thoughts about the house and life. (We love our new used Prius by the way!!!)

So, here are some pics! Enjoy and I PROMISE I will not be so delinquent this fall with pictures!

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