Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy spring!

Well, it is back to school for me next week. I have truly enjoyed my time off with Jonah and think I will find it hard to go back to the "real world". But honestly, I only have ten weeks and then SUMMER VACATION!!! I know, I planned my pregnancy pretty well without planning it! It will be good to get back in the routine of things for awhile. But I will miss spending time with the little ones and being a "stay at home mom". It has been fun.

Jonah is changing so much these days. Although he is a happy baby--he still gets me up about twice a night now and he has gotten in this pattern of getting up at 4 a.m. and that's pretty much it. He's ready to begin the day. His mother is not! He just learned to laugh, which makes all of us in the Gasser household laugh too. He is a lot of fun and his brother Nolan can't wait for him to be able to play! (neither can I!!!)

We also put our house up for sale. We are looking for something bigger, as we are starting to outgrow our little Cape Cod. Since I was on maternity leave, it was the perfect time to declutter and tidy up the house to try and sell it. We had an unsuccessful open house and two private showings but no bites. We have only had it on the market for about two weeks so I'm not too concerned. But it has been fun looking at other houses!!!

Oh, and the biggest news in the Gasser household these days--Nolan has tackled potty training! He decided the time was right and that was it. It took him about a good week to get a hold of it, but he's got it down pretty well and has even woke me up a couple of times at midnight to go potty! Yay! One finally gets out of diapers and...we have another kid! I'm just happy I'm not changing two anymore! Enjoy the slide show below. I may post more pics after Easter as we are getting together with the fam and having an Easter egg hunt! It should be a good time!! Happy spring and Happy Easter to you and yours--love The Gassers

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